Ice Cream Shop in Jacksonville, NC

On a hot day, nothing hits the spot better than the fun and fantastic flavor of fresh ice cream. At Yo Bre'z Frozen Dessert Bar, we strive to bring you exciting new treats. With 160 flavors available, including sugar-free as well as dairy-free options, there are delicious options for the entire family. All of the cookies in our ice cream sandwiches are handmade and crafted to perfectly ensconce our craft ice cream flavors.

A favorite for ice cream events, our taco ice cream is the perfect way to enjoy our delicious homemade waffles or cookies surrounding your choice of flavor. Ice cream tacos are a fun spin on the traditional cone and a good alternative because of their portable nature.

In addition to our fun, super premium ice cream options, Yo Bre'z Frozen Dessert Bar is proud to offer milk shakes bursting with deliciosity and ready for you and your friends to enjoy. Order your favorite flavor and watch as we mix it with creamy milk. We top it with decadent finishes such as whipped cream, nuts, or rainbow sprinkles.

Best of all, Yo Bre'z Frozen Dessert Bar strives to give back to the community that has stood by us through thick and thin. Owned and operated by a military spouse, Yo Bre'z Frozen Dessert Bar gives charitably to local causes each and every month. It’s only one of the reasons why Yo Bre'z Frozen Dessert Bar was voted among the top 5 ice cream shops in the Jacksonville, NC area.

The next time you are in need of some dessert, stop by Yo Bre'z Frozen Dessert Bar in Jacksonville, NC or call us at (910) 939-2022 to ask about our ice cream catering for events!



Why Choose Us

  • Family Owned
  • Fast & Convenient Service
  • Military Spouse Owned